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Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Database

Page history last edited by Cora Mendez 10 years, 10 months ago

Portal Page for Problem-Based Learning

How to create your PBL page template: http://screencast.com/t/WGaprJv4Vr 


Early Childhood

Name of Lesson Grade Level Subject Area(s) Designed by
Thinking Like A Scientist 2 Physical Science Isabel Cabrera wk 1
Insect's Life Cycle  (revised) 2 Life Science Isabel Cabrera wk 2
Natural Resources 2 Earth Science Isabel Cabrera wk 3
Investigating Environments 2 Life Science Isabel Cabrera wk 4
Water Cycle 2 Earth Science Isabel Cabrera wk 5
Pond Scum 3
Cora Mendez

Life Cycles



Cora Mendez

Fun with Numbers 

K Math Cora Mendez

Rocky Road 

Science  Saul Mendiola wk 1 

Earth's Weather

Science  Mario A. Ortiz wk 1
Frogs go Round and Round! 1 Science Saul Mendiola wk 2
Moon Phases 1 Science Georgina Salas wk 1
Money Makes the World Go Round 1 Math Georgina Salas wk 2
Writing Can Be Fun  1 Writing/Print Awareness Georgina Salas wk 3
Hooray For Our Lab  1 Science  Georgina Salas wk 4
Putting 2 Words Together 1 Science Georgina Salas wk 5
Word Soup 2 English Language Arts  Conrado Gonzalez (#1) 
It Takes Two to Tango Math  Conrado Gonzalez (#2)
What Do They Mean?  English Language Arts  Conrado Gonzalez (#3)
Child Obesity  Health  Conrado Gonzalez (#4)
      Conrado Gonzalez (#5)
Penguins in a Tuxedo 2 Science, Technology Mario A. Ortiz wk 2
Life Cycle of a Butterfly 2 Science Mario A. Ortiz wk 3
Dinosaurs 2 Science, Technology Mario A. Ortiz wk 4
Plantilicious 1 Sciene Saul Mendiola wk 3

Let’s Keep Our Planet Clean and Green

2 Science, Technology Mario A. Ortiz wk 5
Icky Icky Insects 1 Science Saul Mendiola wk 4
Crowded Clouds 1 Science Saul Mendiola wk 5


3-5 Grade

Name of Lesson Grade Level Subject Area(s) Designed by
Poetry 5 English Language Arts and Reading Heather Luna (#1)
Weathering, Erosion, & Deposition 5 Science, Math, Social Studies Heather Luna (#2)
Measurement and Operations 5 Science, Math Heather Luna (#3)
Nonrenewable Resources 5 Science, Math, Social Studies Heather Luna (#4)


5 Math, Social Studies Heather Luna (#5)
Force and Motion 5 Math, Science Heather Luna
Sandy Beaches  Science (Weathering and Erosion) Albert Rodriguez (#1) 
What's in Your Garden  Science (Organic Gardening) Albert Rodriguez (#2) 
How's the Weather Science (Weather, Climate, Temperature) Albert Rodriguez (#3) 
A Quiet Loud  Science  Albert Rodriguez (#4) 
I'm Singing in the Rain  Science  Albert Rodriguez (#5) 
Airing out the Algae Science  Christine Claudio #1
It's Just a Phase   (phases of the moon) Science  Gayle Curry Robinson (#1)
Mix it Up!      (mixtures and solutions) 4 Science Gayle Curry Robinson (#2)

Grab Your Googles!    (lab safety)

4 Science Gayle Curry Robinson (#3)
Energize Me!  (forms of energy) 4 Science Gayle Curry Robinson (#4)
Electricity Science Sergio Perez (#1)
Perimeter Math  Sergio Perez (#2) 
Area  4 Math Sergio Perez (#3)

Breaker and Woosh

Science  Christine Claudio(#2) 

Staying Alive 2! rev 8/12/12

Science  Christine Claudio(#3) 
Endangered Animals 4 Science  Sergio Perez (#4)
Ecosystem 4 Science  Sergio Perez (#5)
Regions of Texas 4 Social Studies Maria D. Martinez (#1)
News Ad 4 Reading-Poetry Maria D. Martinez (#2)
The Best Nest 3 Science Christine Ximenes (#1)
Monarchs, Monarchs, Everywhere? 3 Science Christine Ximenes (#2)
Bees Please Science  Christine Ximenes (#3) 
Twist and Shout  Science  Christine Ximenes (#4) 
Time to Recycle 3 Science Christine Ximenes (#5)

Area & Perimeter to the Rescue! 

Math- Area & Perimeter 

Diana Arcaute (#1) 
Extra! Extra! Read All About It!  4 Writing- The Writing Process Diana Arcaute (#2)
Remember the Alamo!!   4 Social Studies- The Alamo  Diana Arcaute (#3)
Let's talk Business!  4 Math- Fractions Diana Arcaute (#4)
Texas is on Fire!  4 Science -Food Chains Diana Arcaute (#5) 
BOOM! Voice Your Writing.. 5

Language Arts and Reading -

Figurative Language

Marivel R. Garcia (#1)


Calling All Sea Turtle Rescue Patrols!  5

Science -

Organisms and Environments 

Marivel R. Garcia (#2)
Affects of Acid Rain  5

Science - 


Marivel R. Garcia (#3)

Whose Perspective?  5

Language Arts and Reading -

Point of View 

Marivel R. Garcia (#4)


Red Tide 5

Science -

Marivel R. Garcia (#5)
Disappearing Sand
Santos Alvarado (#1)
Who Turned Out the Lights 5
Santos Alvarado (#2)
Drip Drip... Wheres the Water 5 Science Santos Alvarado (#3)
Sticky Situation 5
Science  Santos Alvarado (#4)

Do I Belong Here 

Science  Santos Alvarado (#5)
  5 Health/physical education Cora Mendez


Middle School

Name of Lesson Grade Level Subject Area(s) Designed by
Every Drop Counts Math and Science  April Canales Week 1 
The Real World  Math  April Canales Week 2 
We Just Want To Have Funds 2 Math  April Canales Week 3
Whole in One  Math  April Canales Week 4 
Back to School  6 Math  April Canales Week 5 
To Fill or Not to Fill


Christine Claudio Week 4

No Teacher Left Behind

Technology Christine Claudio Week 5 
How does Nature Feel? 6 Science and Art Dara Cepeda (#1)
Trash to Treasure
6 Science and Art
Dara Cepeda (#2)
I'm Coloring my Imagination!
6 Science and Art
Dara Cepeda (#3)
For some people there is no such thing as COLOR !
6 Science and Art
Dara Cepeda (#4)
Listen, the Ocean is Crying!
6 Science and Art
Dara Cepeda (#5)
Copy of Saws, Drill Bits and Inches 7 Math Valree Martinez Week 1
Lessons from a Parking Lot   7 Math  Valree Martinez Week 2
Maximum Performance at the Pinewood Derby  Math  Valree Martinez Week 3
 Measurement Exploration in a Terrarium
Math  Valree Martinez Week 4
Mr Hollands Little City  Math  Valree Martinez Week 5


High School

Name of Lesson Grade Level Subject Area(s) Designed by
Math and art 9-12 Math Cristina Pintor (Wk 1)
Water Consumption 9-12 Math Cristina Pintor (Wk 2)
Math and Sports 9-12 Math Cristina Pintor (Wk 3)
Math and Social Studies 9-12 Math Cristina Pintor (Wk 4)
Math and Physics 9-12 Math Cristina Pintor (Wk 5)
Internet Safety 9-12 Technology Jessica Burnias (Wk 1)
The Cost of Living 9-12  Technology, Math Romel Palomares (Wk 1) 
Safe Internet Surfing  9-12  Technology  Melizza Garcia (wk1) 
Scavenger Hunt 9-12 Math,Geometry Jaime Villarreal (wk1)
Saline Vs Heat  9-12  Science  Rene Lugo (Wk 1) 
Bottled vs. Tap Water 9-12 Science Rene Lugo (WK 2)
Alcohol in the Body 9-12 Science Rene Lugo (Wk 3)
Growing Limbs  9-12 Science Rene Lugo (Wk 4)
Where are my parents?  5-8 Science Rene Lugo (WK 5)
Only the Best  9-11 Technology, Math   Romel Palomares (Wk 2) 
Microscopes Science  Jessica Burnias (Wk 2) 
Crisis Management  Technology  Melizza Garcia (Wk 2) 
Snack Sale 9-12  Math  Jaime Villarreal (Wk 2) 
Character Development 9-12 English Melizza Garcia (wk 3)
Leaders and Followers 9-12 Technology Melizza Garcia (wk 4) 
Teen Obesity 9-12 Health Melizza Garcia (wk 5) 
Most Efficient Home 9-11 Technology, Math, Science Romel Palomares (Wk 3)  
Radio Advertisement 9-12  Business Management Jessica Burnias (Wk 3) 
School Spirit 9-12 Math Jaime Villarreal (Wk 3)
The Invention! 9-11  Technology, Math, Science Romel Palomares (Wk 4) 
American Culture and Customs  10-12 Global Business  Jessica Burnias (Wk 4) 
Book Cover Design  9-11  Principle of Business, Marketing and Finance  Jessica Burnias (Wk 5) 
Disaster! 9-11  Math, Science, Technology  Romel Palomares (Wk 5) 
Sports Analysts
Jaime Villarreal (Wk 4)
Extreme Make-Over
Jaime Villarreal (Wk 5)
Sam Houston PBL      





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